Ada Toolchain for RTEMS 4.10/LEON3

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Wed Apr 28 21:06:26 UTC 2010

Dear all,

I have a requirement for Ada support on RTEMS 4.10 and, although I know that this is not currently supported, I thought I would give it a try.  I have been following, roughly, the instructions on the wiki.  My current build attempt is based on:

binutils 2.201.1
gmp 5.0.1
mpc 0.8.1
mpfr 2.4.2
newlib 1.18.0
gcc 4.5.0

I build sparc-rtems binutils, a multilibbed native gcc with C and Ada support, a multilibbed sparc-rtems gcc with C and C++ support only, followed by a multilibbed sparc-rtems gcc with C, C++ and Ada support.  I specify a sysroot during the cross-compile builds.  Predictably, everything goes wrong for me during the final step.  The build drops out with errors in gcc/ada/rts/socket.c.  These seem to be related to missing types (especially struct servent).  I'm guessing this should come from gsocket.h, and there are some interesting comments in that file about RTEMS support but I'm afraid that I don't understand a word of them.

I previously tried a build with gcc 4.4.3 and got hung up on generation, again preventing socket code from compiling (but Ada code this time).

Has anyone successfully built a multilibbed Ada toolchain for recent RTEMS versions?  It looks some major issues have been resolved, especially since the wiki entry was written.  Can anyone offer any advice?

Thanks in advance,


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