Pointer if test for for NULL

Paul Whitfield paulw at omnitronics.com.au
Thu Apr 29 02:08:06 UTC 2010

On 29/04/2010 9:39 AM, Chris Johns wrote:
> Hello,
> The Austin Group (Open Group) has been having a discussion about NULL
> meaning all bits 0 [0][1]. For example:
> struct s* p;
> p = malloc (sizeof (struct s));
> if (p)
> memset (p, 0, sizeof (*p));
> The issue raised is "If 'struct s' contains a pointer is the pointer
> initialised to NULL correctly ?". This is not what I wish to discuss.
> Considering this I am wondering if the 'if (p)' code is strictly valid ?
> Does this code also imply false happens if NULL is all bits 0 ?
> Should this code be changed to:
> if (p != NULL)
> I am guilty of coding the if's this way and I am wondering if this
> should be changed.

According to the C-Faq it is *always* valid


The article quotes various standards / page numbers


Paul Whitfield.
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