Downloading "powerpc-rtems4.10 gcc" for a few hours on Fedora 12

Peter Dufault dufault at
Thu Apr 29 18:51:30 UTC 2010

On Apr 29, 2010, at 2:40 , Ralf Corsepius wrote:

> No, that's avoiding a prominent and often hitting source of errors: VMs (esp. vmware etc.).

"I recommend that for developing for RTEMS you always use physical hardware and never an emulator".
"I recommend that for maintaining earlier versions of your RTEMS software you always keep a dedicated physical machine and not a VM installation".

OK, I'm starting to be nasty.  I'll back off.

I've recommended to a client that they use VM installs both for development of current releases and to maintain a VM snapshot for minor maintenance on earlier releases.  What do you recommend instead?  Typically they might not have a Fedora release installed for development.

There should be an RTEMS environment guaranteed to work well in a VM.  I think that having a CURRENT environment work well in a VM should also be a requirement, but that last statement can be argued about.

You're saying that VMs aren't mature enough for use in the application of an RTEMS build environment.  To me that's one of the less demanding applications for a VM, and one of the ones that is important for embedded development.  Am I wrong? 

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