Ada Toolchain for RTEMS 4.10/LEON3

Ralf Corsepius ralf.corsepius at
Fri Apr 30 10:28:44 UTC 2010

On 04/30/2010 12:09 PM, Peter Mendham wrote:
>>> I was wondering: do I need to be patching the tools with the patches in rtems/contrib/crossrpms/patches?
>> Yes.
> Great, thanks.
>>>   If so, do I need all of them, and which versions should I be using for the head revision of CVS?
>> The latest patch matching the version of GCC/newlib/rtems you are going to use.
>>> I was under the impression that RTEMS 4.10 was (going to be) the head of CVS, as it says on the home page, which leaves me confused about RTEMS 4.11.  Can anyone explain?
>> We are about to branch rtems4.10 from HEAD in CVS. So far, this hasn't
>> happened, so CVS-HEAD still rtems-4.10.
>> That said, rtems-4.11 is the future CVS-HEAD.
> Erm, OK, just to clarify. If I using CVS head then I need the patches that say RTEMS 4.11, even though RTEMS 4.10 hasn't branched yet?
Depends on how you want to proceed after we will have branched in CVS.

If you want to follow rtems4.10 (the next stable release),
you currently will want these patches:

If you want to follow the future CVS-HEAD
you currently will want these patches:

The binutils-patches currently are identical for both
rtems-4.10 and 4.11.

gcc/newlib are different.


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