VME bus trap ignored

Wolfgang Rostek Wolfgang.Rostek at esg.de
Thu Aug 5 15:49:56 UTC 2010

Hi all,

I'm doing some tests accessing VME bus addresses.

I wonder that an invalid address is somehow tolerated by the Ada/RTEMS
program but shows a correct trap using dBUG. No Ada exception handler
seems to get invoked. Is it ok for the program to continue that way?

The second  assignment 'abcd' I can verify in RAM after restart. (the 
function is working for the whole address range)


tip675_dummy : UNSIGNED_16 := 16#fedc#; 
for tip675_dummy'Address use Memory_Address(16#a0000000#); 

tip675_dummy2 : UNSIGNED_16 := 16#abcd#; 
for tip675_dummy2'Address use Memory_Address(16#40000000#); 

dBUG> md.l a0000000 
md.l a0000000 
A0000000:  FF 

VME Bus Time Out 

PC: F0001474 SR: 2004 [t.Sm.000...xnZvc] 
An: FE000000 F001F830 F001F848 F001F7DD F001F830 CBF5F311 F001F7CC 
Dn: 00000000 00008600 00000046 FFFFFF00 00000000 00000008 00000008 
F0001474: 0801 0002            BTST      #0x02,D1 

Wolfgang Rostek

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