GSOC: RTEMS Sequenced Initialization

张文杰 157724595 at
Mon Aug 9 17:21:25 UTC 2010

Hi, every one:
  I am so glad to report the progress of Gsoc2010 project RTEMS
Sequenced Initialization. Now it is going to the phase of review and
comment. So welcome every one to review and test it.  There is a wiki[1]
for this project which contains some details about its design, and also
 there is an entry on the RTEMS bugzilla PR1593[2]. In the PR1593 there
are four patches which is based on lastest RTEMS CVS head. So if you
are interested in it you just download them from PR1593[2] and enter the
RTEMS source code directory, patch all them and make, then the thing
you need to do is to test. (patch -p1 < xxx.patch).
Wenjie Zhang
Have a nice day!
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