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Wed Aug 11 16:50:18 UTC 2010


I'm using a LEON3 architecture with RTEMS. I can successfully open() the
UART device but i'm having transmission errors (erroneous packet data).
Accoording to rtems gaisler drivers doc rtems-gaisler-drivers-1.0.2.pdf i
need to register the driver with apbuart_register(&amba_conf) prior to start
TX/RX as well as to configure the driver with ioctl(), but i'm not sure. I
have checked that the baud rate is correclty set.

Do i need to use such functions to get the UART working properly? Or open()
and cfsetospeed() for baudrate set are enough?

Also, are any other remarks i should be aware for using the UART under RTEMS
without issues?

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