Code Question in FAT Filesystem

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Mon Aug 23 18:20:52 UTC 2010


I came across this while trying to review
Coverity output.

[joel at iceland dosfs]$ grep "const char const" *
msdos.h:extern const char const* MSDOS_DOT_NAME;    /* ".", padded to 
MSDOS_NAME chars */
msdos.h:extern const char const* MSDOS_DOTDOT_NAME; /* ".", padded to 
MSDOS_NAME chars */
msdos_misc.c:const char const* MSDOS_DOT_NAME    = ".          ";
msdos_misc.c:const char const* MSDOS_DOTDOT_NAME = "..         ";

My understanding is that this is legal in C99 and
illegal in C++.

Coverity complains it is ...

*dupl_type_qualifier*: type qualifier specified more than once

Would it be OK to change these to "const char *MSDOS_DOT_"?

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