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Jennifer Averett Jennifer.Averett at
Fri Dec 3 15:14:03 UTC 2010

We submitted PR: 1723 which will add a schedular simulator into rtems.
Any comments or advice would be appreciated at this point.  A description
of the PR follows:

SchedSim -- builds outside of tree

As part of the slowly proceeding SMP work and Gedare's pluggable scheduler, we
have developed a "Scheduler Simulator" for RTEMS.  It uses a LOT of score
directory, some of rtems, along with pieces from other directories.  It
includes a "fake port" which prints messages on context switch.  It is just
enough to make RTEMS It uses a derivation of the RTEMS shell to provide a
simple language to write scripts in.  These scripts mimic various user
operations and trigger tasks blocking, switching, changing priority, clock
ticks, etc.

The goal of this is similar to that of LinSched
(  Since we now have pluggable
schedulers, it is a tool which can be used to develop and debug new scheduler
algorithms.  This is important as we move to SMP and need at least one
SMP-aware scheduling algorithm.  Gedare has an Earliest Deadline First (EDF)
that needs to be updated and submitted.  We want to implement a simple, low
memory, priority scheduler for smaller systems.

This version was developed OUTSIDE the main tree.  It uses hacked together
Makefiles.  The code itself is OK.  It assumes your RTEMS source tree is at
"$r".  After submitting this, we will work on getting it to compile under

But feedback and build advice is needed.
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