Network poblem(?)

Leon Pollak leonp at
Sun Feb 14 16:33:10 UTC 2010


I am upgrading from 4.8.0 to 4.9.99. It is mpc8260 and I based my BSP changes 
on mpc55xxevb ideology.
Luckily, the network driver compiled without a problem.
Till now things seems ok, except the network.

Now, I try to ping the board, which spins in Idle task as Init suspends 

What I see is that some each 15-th (the number 
changes significantly in time) packet only is replied!!!
Sniffer shows, that all ARP requests are always answered, but ICMP's are 
answered in 7-10% only (normal ping once in 1 second).
Debug counters in driver also show that everything was passed to the stack as 

Obviously, everything works fine when I recompile the application back into 
4.8.0 with its BSP.

I am lost...:-(

Thanks for any hint.

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