RTEMS crash with error 18 (RTEMS_CALLED_FROM_ISR) again.

Nick Thomas nick.thomas at pixsan.com
Wed Feb 17 16:41:40 UTC 2010


I have had this error 18 crash again. When the debugger back trace clearly
shows that the call tree originates from a task.

Looking through the disassembly is looks like the error 18 is called from
rtems_region_get_segment function, from line 69 in regiongetsegment.c .

#0  _CPU_Fatal_error (_error=18)
#1  0x005f3330 in _Internal_error_Occurred (the_source=INTERNAL_ERROR_CORE, 
    is_internal=0, the_error=18)
#2  0x005e6e5c in rtems_region_get_segment (id=838926341, size=8, 
    option_set=1, timeout=0, segment=0xfa421c)

There is some inlined functions involved here, so it's difficult to follow
the code.
But, the disassembly of rtems_region_get_segment clearly shows that error 18
is in there:
(See 6 lines from bottom of the following disassembly list).

(gdb) disassem 0x5e6da4
Dump of assembler code for function rtems_region_get_segment:
0x005e6da4 <rtems_region_get_segment+0>:	stwu    r1,-64(r1)
0x005e6da8 <rtems_region_get_segment+4>:	mflr    r0
0x005e6dac <rtems_region_get_segment+8>:	stw     r31,60(r1)
0x005e6db0 <rtems_region_get_segment+12>:	stw     r0,68(r1)
0x005e6db4 <rtems_region_get_segment+16>:	mr      r31,r1
0x005e6db8 <rtems_region_get_segment+20>:	stw     r3,24(r31)
0x005e6dbc <rtems_region_get_segment+24>:	stw     r4,28(r31)
0x005e6dc0 <rtems_region_get_segment+28>:	stw     r5,32(r31)
0x005e6dc4 <rtems_region_get_segment+32>:	stw     r6,36(r31)
0x005e6dc8 <rtems_region_get_segment+36>:	stw     r7,40(r31)
0x005e6dcc <rtems_region_get_segment+40>:	lwz     r0,40(r31)
0x005e6dd0 <rtems_region_get_segment+44>:	cmpwi   cr7,r0,0
0x005e6dd4 <rtems_region_get_segment+48>:	bne-    cr7,0x5e6de4
0x005e6dd8 <rtems_region_get_segment+52>:	li      r0,9
0x005e6ddc <rtems_region_get_segment+56>:	stw     r0,52(r31)
0x005e6de0 <rtems_region_get_segment+60>:	b       0x5e7180
0x005e6de4 <rtems_region_get_segment+64>:	lwz     r9,40(r31)
0x005e6de8 <rtems_region_get_segment+68>:	li      r0,0
0x005e6dec <rtems_region_get_segment+72>:	stw     r0,0(r9)
0x005e6df0 <rtems_region_get_segment+76>:	lwz     r0,28(r31)
0x005e6df4 <rtems_region_get_segment+80>:	cmpwi   cr7,r0,0
0x005e6df8 <rtems_region_get_segment+84>:	bne-    cr7,0x5e6e08
0x005e6dfc <rtems_region_get_segment+88>:	li      r9,8
0x005e6e00 <rtems_region_get_segment+92>:	stw     r9,52(r31)
0x005e6e04 <rtems_region_get_segment+96>:	b       0x5e7180
0x005e6e08 <rtems_region_get_segment+100>:	lis     r9,119
0x005e6e0c <rtems_region_get_segment+104>:	lwz     r9,3392(r9)
0x005e6e10 <rtems_region_get_segment+108>:	li      r0,0
0x005e6e14 <rtems_region_get_segment+112>:	stw     r0,20(r31)
0x005e6e18 <rtems_region_get_segment+116>:	lwz     r0,20(r31)
0x005e6e1c <rtems_region_get_segment+120>:	mfmsr   r0
0x005e6e20 <rtems_region_get_segment+124>:	andc    r9,r0,r9
0x005e6e24 <rtems_region_get_segment+128>:	mtmsr   r9
0x005e6e28 <rtems_region_get_segment+132>:	stw     r0,20(r31)
0x005e6e2c <rtems_region_get_segment+136>:	lis     r9,130
0x005e6e30 <rtems_region_get_segment+140>:	lwz     r0,-7660(r9)
0x005e6e34 <rtems_region_get_segment+144>:	cmpwi   cr7,r0,0
0x005e6e38 <rtems_region_get_segment+148>:	beq-    cr7,0x5e6e5c
0x005e6e3c <rtems_region_get_segment+152>:	bl      0x5e71a0
0x005e6e40 <rtems_region_get_segment+156>:	mr      r0,r3
0x005e6e44 <rtems_region_get_segment+160>:	cmplwi  cr7,r0,1
0x005e6e48 <rtems_region_get_segment+164>:	ble-    cr7,0x5e6e5c
0x005e6e4c <rtems_region_get_segment+168>:	li      r3,0
0x005e6e50 <rtems_region_get_segment+172>:	li      r4,0
0x005e6e54 <rtems_region_get_segment+176>:	li      r5,18
0x005e6e58 <rtems_region_get_segment+180>:	bl      0x5f32c0
0x005e6e5c <rtems_region_get_segment+184>:	lis     r9,130
0x005e6e60 <rtems_region_get_segment+188>:	lwz     r9,-7612(r9)
0x005e6e64 <rtems_region_get_segment+192>:	addi    r0,r9,16
0x005e6e68 <rtems_region_get_segment+196>:	addi    r9,r31,20

I'm no expert in assembler, but is this something to do with
_System_state_Get ? (Shown a few lines above).

I can't find _System_state_Get in my source code, but the disassembly looks
like this:
Dump of assembler code for function _System_state_Get:
0x005d8594 <_System_state_Get+0>:	stwu    r1,-16(r1)
0x005d8598 <_System_state_Get+4>:	stw     r31,12(r1)
0x005d859c <_System_state_Get+8>:	mr      r31,r1
0x005d85a0 <_System_state_Get+12>:	lis     r9,130
0x005d85a4 <_System_state_Get+16>:	lwz     r0,-7560(r9)
0x005d85a8 <_System_state_Get+20>:	mr      r3,r0
0x005d85ac <_System_state_Get+24>:	lwz     r11,0(r1)
0x005d85b0 <_System_state_Get+28>:	lwz     r31,-4(r11)
0x005d85b4 <_System_state_Get+32>:	mr      r1,r11
0x005d85b8 <_System_state_Get+36>:	blr
End of assembler dump.

Can anyone shed some light onto this problem from the above?
Previously I have looked at the ISR_nest_Level variable, but that is zero
when this crash happens.

So, the question is, why does an error 18 occur when in task context?

Any help greatly appreciated.



Nick Thomas
Email: nick.thomas at pixsan.com 

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