GUI to configure RTEMS

Alex Poovathingal alexp0205 at
Thu Feb 18 16:35:43 UTC 2010


I am a 6th semester computer science and engineering student from India.
This semester, we have to do a mini project as a part of our course work.
We've decided to do it in RTEMS.

While browsing through the project ideas in the wiki page, we came across
one to create a GUI to
configure RTEMS.

What I'm planning is to create the GUI program in python. I am quite new to
RTEMS. The only experience I have is modifying and running the helloworld
example as give in the GSOC getting started wiki page. I have only a very
vague idea about the feasibility of this project or how to get started. I
hope you can guide me in this. Any links or documents on how to get started
will be great help.

Alex P
IRC id :- alexp0205
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