Implement RTEMS for Altera NIOS2 processor

Michal Simek monstr at
Thu Feb 4 07:47:56 UTC 2010

Joel Sherrill wrote:
> I am cc'ing the user's list because there are others
> there who can share.
> (1) RTEMS tools must be built for RTEMS.  RTEMS has
> a special configuration of the newlib C library and other
> features enabled in the tools that will not be there
> with nios2-elf.

What features? Just give me any label or whatever.

> (2) AFAIK Altera has not done their part in the free software
> process in relation to the NIOS2 tool chain.  They have NOT
> submitted their patches to the FSF projects for inclusion.
> The RTEMS Project does not provide pre-built tools based
> upon unsubmitted ports.
> (3) You can build your own toolchain using the Altera
> provided patches combined with RTEMS patches.  I did
> this long ago and it worked.  If they have not updated
> their tool versions in a long time, then you may have issues
> with RTEMS using recent FSF releases while Altera is
> using older tools.

Do you have any description of your successful attempt?


> If you care at all about free tools on the Altera NIOS2,
> you need to make that known to Altera.  The ball is
> in their court to do the right thing. :)
> --joel
> On 02/03/2010 09:47 AM, TKV (Thuc Vu) wrote:
>> Hello Joel,
>> I am trying to implement RTEMS OS in our custom NIOS2 hardware.
>> We use Windows XP as our development host. I have tried building the 
>> and all of its components using MSYS, Cygwin, MinGW and Altera Nios2 
>> IDE environment without any success.
>> Please let me know if you can think of any reasons why this would be 
>> such a difficult hurdle….
>> Thank you for your time.
>> Regards,
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