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Wed Feb 10 15:36:35 UTC 2010

On 02/10/2010 06:13 AM, Leon Pollak wrote:
> Hello, all.
> I am trying to debug the new style BSP (with all this new unified stuff).
> And I failed to understand the following:
> The bsp_get_work_area function defines the workarea start and size.
> But then it is checked against the Configuration table, which has its own
> value for size (as minimum, may be for something else too, did not find yet).
> In my case the check fails, so what am I supposed to do?
The Configuration.work_space_size field is the amount of
memory calculated by confdefs.h that will be required for
the configured set of objects.  If there is not enough
memory, then there is a common failure path in
bootcard.c now.  Take a look at libbsp/shared/bootcard.c
and see how much better this code is now.  You have been
around long enough to (I hope) appreciate how much is
in here that used to be in individual BSPs.  And how much
clearer the initialization process is now.

Previously this error was detected (or not)
and handled in BSP specific ways.  This is just one area
that significantly improved with the rework that
was needed to support the option of unified work area.

FWIW when using unified, you may also be limited in
the unlimited object support added years ago by Chris
> Thanks a lot for clarification.

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