Cross-debugging with sparc-rtems4.10-gdb, from inside Eclipse

Mauro Lacy mlacy at
Tue Feb 16 20:50:49 UTC 2010

For completeness' sake:

Mauro Lacy wrote:
> ..
> - Created a ~/.gdbinit containing:
> target sim
> load ~/workspace/HelloDebug/RTEMS\ Executable\ Configuration/a.exe   #
> this is wired at the moment.

"load" without arguments loads the executable passed on the command line.
> ...
> Some actual problems I'm having:
> - The app path is wired in the .gdbinit file. Can environment 
> variables be used in .gdbinit?

Not needed.
> - The debugger startup is slow. 30 seconds, or more. Seems like 
> eclipse is waiting for an specific output from gdb that never comes, 
> and a timeout is reached.

Fixed changing the "Debugger timeout" and "Launch timeout" parameters 
under Preferences -> Debug -> GDB MI.
> - It's necessary to press a key in the console window at the moment, 
> for the debugging to start. Maybe just a missing directive in ~/.gdbinit?
> - "Watch expression" doesn't seem to be working. The expressions 
> always return zero...

Automatic variables are optimized into registers. Compile without 
optimization (-O0) , use 'volatile' for the variable declaration, and/or 
view cpu registers.

> - The console output gets some peformance and/or statistics output, that
> is mixed with the program output. This is probably an option of gdb.
> By the way, gdb is being called with these arguments:
> /opt/rtems-4.10/bin/sparc-rtems4.10-gdb -q -nw -i mi 
> --cd=/home/dev/workspace/HelloDebug --command=~/.gdbinit 
> /home/dev/workspace/HelloDebug/RTEMS Executable Configuration/a.exe
> If you have some suggestions or documentation on how to improve this, 
> I would like to know about it.
> Best regards,
> Mauro
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