mvme5500 vme interrupts

rtwas rtwas at
Thu Jan 7 00:49:00 UTC 2010

Till Straumann wrote:
>  Attached is a piece of a driver which uses VME interrupts and DMA via
>  the BSP's VME API. I only attached the file that uses the relevant
>  VME routines...

Thanks for the code Till.

It looks like I should be using:

     BSP_installVME_isr() and

  instead of using:


Is this correct?

Is there anything else I need to do to enable interrupts?
I looked in "confdefs.h" and did'nt see (or understand) anything
in there associated with "interrupt manager" configuration I should
mess with.

The "README.irq" in "libbsp/powerpc/mvme5500" mentions two
and    BSP_disable_pic_iqr()

but nothing about initilization/configuration.

Help appreciated.

Robert W.

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