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Thanks for your quick reply.

I have checked my network settings and found that I did not enter a Gateway IP address. Now the netdemo application says "Network Initialized" on startup instead of "Network Unreachable". But the controller still seems to be dead under RTEMS and without an IP address. Until now I did not see any packet coming from the MVME2604 in Wireshark after RTEMS was started.

When I ran netdemo for the first time there was a simple message "pci: interrupt routing not available for this bsp". And indeed: In libbsp/powerpc/shared/motorola/motorola.c the interrupt routing table entry is NULL for the MVME2604/712. So I thought the error was hidden somewhere in this place and finally found your discussion from Oct. 2005. If I remember right, the output from my first post is actually from using the IRQ routing table mvme23xx_intmap for my board.

Thorsten Frunzke

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On 01/11/2010 03:16 AM, Frunzke, Thorsten wrote:
> Hello all,
> I am new to RTEMS. Currently my goal is to run EPICS 3.14.11 with RTEMS 4.9.2 on a MVME2604 / 712 target. Until now it seems like everything but the network works fine under RTEMS. So I tried to run the netdemo example and see what's wrong here.
> There was discussion about the RTEMS netdemo four years ago between Till Straumann and Joel Sherrill, where a solution for a similar board was briefly discussed: a missing IRQ routing table for the target board:
> It seems like this is also my problem. For RTEMS there is no IRQ routing table for the Mvme2604/712 in the motorola powerpc bsp. I tried to use the MVME2600/761 table for my board without success (see below). Has anyone successfully run the netdemo for the MVME2604/712 and can help me with this problem?
This is not an IRQ routing issue.  The demos build for local host by 
You need a network configuration that matches your local network.

See networkconfig-BSP.h for some that match the RTEMS lab. :)

> Best regards,
> Thorsten Frunzke
> -------- stdout -------
> -----------------------------------------
> Welcome to rtems-4.9.2(PowerPC/Generic (classic FPU)/mvme2307) on MVME 2600 with
>   MVME712
> -----------------------------------------
> idreg 0 = 0x48011057
> OpenPIC found at C1000000.
> pci : Configuring interrupt routing for 'MVME 2600 with MVME712'
> pci : No bridge from bus 0 towards root found
> pci : Unable to match device 0:0x0B:1 with an int routing table entry
> pci : No bridge from bus 0 towards root found
> pci : No bridge from bus 0 towards root found
> pci : Device 0:0x0E:0 supplied a bogus interrupt_pin 1
> Cleared PCI errors: pci_stat was 0x2280
> OpenPIC Version ? (2 CPUs and 16 IRQ sources) at 0xC1000000
> OpenPIC Vendor 0 (Unknown), Device 0 (Unknown), Stepping 2
> OpenPIC timer frequency is 8334002 Hz
> Please add code for PCI/ISA bridge init to libbsp/powerpc/shared/irq/irq_init.c
> If your card works correctly please add a test and set known_cpi_isa_bridge to t
> rue
> currentBoard = 15
> Universe II PCI-VME bridge detected at 0xC1041000, IRQ 11
> Universe Master Ports:
> Port  VME-Addr   Size       PCI-Adrs   Mode:
> 0:    0x20000000 0x0E000000 0x10000000 A32, D64 [MBLT], Dat, Sup
> 1:    0x00000000 0x00FF0000 0x1F000000 A24, D64 [MBLT], Dat, Sup
> 2:    0x00000000 0x00010000 0x1FFF0000 A16, D64, Dat, Sup
> Universe Slave Ports:
> Port  VME-Addr   Size       PCI-Adrs   Mode:
> 0:    0xC0000000 0x03FC0000 0x80000000 A32, Pgm, Dat, Sup, Usr, PWEN, PREN
> Registering /dev/console as minor 0 (==/dev/ttyS0)
> Initialize network
> dec21140 : found device 'dc1', bus 0x00, dev 0x0E, func 0x00
> dec2114x : unit 1 base address C1042100.
> dec2114x : driver attached
> dec2114x : driver tasks created
> dec2114x : 00:01:AF:03:8D:27   name 'dc1', io 11100, mem C1042100, int 10
> dec2114x: Installing IRQ 10
> taNne'ttw osrekt  idneiftaiuallti zreodu
>   e: Network is unreachable
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