Axiom mcf5235BCC freezing

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Ok thanks guys for the help, what I have found is if I download via tftp executing a go the board will freeze. The Program Counter is set to 0x40414 after downloading. If I download via tftp and do a rd after and note Program Counter (PC), 0x40414 for ticker.exe, then hardware reset and go 40414 then rtems runs. I'm not sure why this is. I'm using rtems-4.9.4 which includes the change noted below.

Is there away to download via the BDM port. I have a P&E USB-ML-Coldfire and a freescale Codewarrior USB tap that came with the board but I have no idea how to use with linux and with rtems development.

Thad Seeberger
540 653 9279
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I use these boards extensively and have no problems with RTEMS freezing. I often leave one running in my office for days, if not weeks and it seems stable.

I have used RTEMS 4.9.x, but I'm up to a fairly recent CVS version right now with the 4.10 tools.

Somewhere in the 4.9.x release there was a problem with the code in start.S on that board. Compare the code in libbsp/m68k/mcf5235/start/start.S between your version and the latest CVS version.
I'm pretty sure this was added:

    move.l  #0x20000201, d0
    move.l   d0,(0x40000008)        | set up 2nd RAMBAR to make 2nd port avail to FEC

Otherwise, I cannot think of anything else that freezes the board. Do you have a second board to try?

Also, I have not loaded via TFTP. I use BDM most of the time, then I also have a modified flash build of RTEMS that I load in place of the monitor that comes on the board.


On Jun 30, 2010, at 12:50 PM, Seeberger, Thad [USA] wrote:

good day, I am new to RTEMS and learning, I built mcf5235 BSP with tests. Downloading with tftp. The Hello World test freezes as well as others. The ticker test gets to TA3 then freezes.
Where should I go from here? I'm using rtems-4.9 tools on fedora 7 installed with yum. The rtems is rtems 4.9.2

Any pointers appreciated.

Thad Seeberger
540 653 9279

Thad Seeberger
540 653 9279
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