Issue regarding rtems_libio_share_private_env under libcsupport

Bharath Suri bharath.s.jois at
Sat Jul 17 14:48:46 UTC 2010


I am summing up the PR 1620
( in this mail.

The calling task needs to get the private environment of the task,
whose ID is passed as the argument, right?

Considering the code,
I feel that if the current task has its environment, i.e the first
condition rtems_current_user_env->task_id==current_task_id is
satisfied, the sharing of the variable from the other task does not
happen, since the other task's variable is got only in the else{...}

The section under the if(){...} only takes care to delete the already
existing private environment for the calling task.

Have I got something wrong here or is there an issue with the routine?

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.


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