ARM compiler error when building RTEMS for smdk2410

Ajai James ajai at
Wed Jul 14 06:15:14 UTC 2010

Hi All,
Thank you very much Vinu, and Gedare for your kind inputs.
I have checked your suggestions. The cross compiler tool chain appears to be
installed correctly. I am able to compile and generate arm assembly as per
the validation procedure in
7.html  using arm-rtems-4.10-gcc

There appears to be some CFLAGS error when I checked the config.log inside
the bsp build directory as suggested by Vinu. 
arm920t  flag is flashing an error, as below. Any suggestions?

Thread model: rtems
gcc version 4.4.4 20100429 (RTEMS gcc-4.4.4-1.fc12/newlib-1.18.0-12.fc12)
configure:3344: $? = 0
configure:3333: arm-rtems4.10-gcc -V >&5
arm-rtems4.10-gcc: '-V' option must have argument
configure:3344: $? = 1
configure:3333: arm-rtems4.10-gcc -qversion >&5
arm-rtems4.10-gcc: unrecognized option '-qversion'
arm-rtems4.10-gcc: no input files
configure:3344: $? = 1
configure:3364: checking whether the C compiler works
configure:3386: arm-rtems4.10-gcc -mstructure-size-boundary=32 -mcpu=arm920t
-mfpu=vfp -mfloat-abi=soft -DCPU_S3C2410 -O2 -g   conftest.c  >&5
as: unrecognized option '-mcpu=arm920t'
configure:3390: $? = 1
configure:3428: result: no
configure: failed program was:
| /* confdefs.h */
| #define PACKAGE_NAME "rtems-c-src"
| #define PACKAGE_TARNAME "rtems-c-src"
| #define PACKAGE_VERSION ""
| #define PACKAGE_STRING "rtems-c-src"
| #define PACKAGE_URL ""
| /* end confdefs.h.  */
| int
| main ()
| {
|   ;
|   return 0;
| }
configure:3433: error: in
configure:3437: error: C compiler cannot create executables

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On Fri, Jul 9, 2010 at 7:08 AM, Ajai James <ajai at> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am a newbie in RTEMS and Linux environment.
> I was trying to compile RTEMS for ARM smdk2410 board using Fedora 
> guest in Virtual box with command
> make RTEMS_BSP="smdk2410" after configure command as per the steps in
> ed00061.html
> Got an error as below
> Checking whether the C compiler works... no

Aside from checking what Vinu suggested, I also want to know if you followed
the instructions to build and install an appropriate cross-compiler?  The
getting started guide also has instructions for that.  If you don't have
arm-rtems4.*-gcc, then you won't be able to build RTEMS for the ARM target.

For Fedora, you can use the RPM and YUM:

Just follow the wiki instructions, and replace 4.9 with whichever version of
RTEMS you are using, for example 4.10 for the most recent release or 4.11 if
you are using the RTEMS CVS head.  Also replace sparc with arm, since you
are building for the arm target...


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