5KHz acquisition control

Matt Rippa mrippa at gemini.edu
Mon Jun 7 20:12:29 UTC 2010

Hi -

I would like to know your thoughts regarding common practices 
for an RTEMS system requiring a 5 KHz sample rate. The hardware 
is 600MHz i386/PC-104 based. Reading through the RTEMS C users 
guide the Rate Monotonic Scheduler appears to be what I'm 
interested in. Basically I need to read inputs from hardware, 
filter and process results, then write outputs with a period of 
200 us.

I understand I can set the RTEMS system clock ticks to get this 
resolution. My question is, is this a common and recommend 
practice for this kind of sample rate? Or do people favor using 
on-board programmable interrupt timers for this purpose? Is 
using an external interrupt timer on the pci bus a common 
practice if your SBC doesn't provide any timers?

Thanks for any input.

-Matt Rippa

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