Loading RTEMS application on MVME162 - 512A

Ajai Kumar Medhavi akmedhavi at rrcat.gov.in
Tue Jun 15 04:19:25 UTC 2010


I have built up  RTEMS 4.9.1 with sample application "Hello" and "Ticker",
for M68040 processor and MVME162 BSP using MinGW Tools for Windows.

I downloded the sample application on MVME162-512A VME CPU Board. After
this when I execute, my MVME162 CPU gets immediately failed and nothing is
appearing on host monitor. The same this is happening with reduced size of
Hello.exe and other application Ticker.half and Ticker.exe

Please note that :

1. While building up, I have given following configuration options :

../rtems-4.9.1/configure    --target=m68k-rtems4.9

2.  The file linkcmds in
.\rtems-4.9.1\c\src\lib\libbsp\m68k\mvme162\startup folder has following
setting :

 * Declare some sizes.
_RamBase = DEFINED(_RamBase) ? _RamBase : 0x20000;
_RamSize = DEFINED(_RamSize) ? _RamSize : 1M;
_HeapSize = DEFINED(_HeapSize) ? _HeapSize : 0x10000;
_StackSize = DEFINED(_StackSize) ? _StackSize : 0x1000;

        ram : org = 0x000000, l = 1M

        ram : {
                . = .;
        } >ram

         * Text, data and bss segments
        .text 0x20000 : {

                 * C++ constructors/destructors

3. Bspstart.c has following code :

oid bsp_start( void )
  m68k_isr_entry       *monitors_vector_table;
  int                   index;
  extern void          *_WorkspaceBase;
  extern void          *_RamSize;
  extern unsigned long  _M68k_Ramsize;

  _M68k_Ramsize = (unsigned long)&_RamSize;  /* RAM size set in linker
script */

   *  162Bug Vectors are at 0xFFE00000
   *  162Bug Vectors on LX are at 0x00000000

#if defined(mvme162lx)
  monitors_vector_table = (m68k_isr_entry *)0x00000000;
  monitors_vector_table = (m68k_isr_entry *)0xFFE00000;

  m68k_set_vbr( monitors_vector_table );

  for ( index=2 ; index<=255 ; index++ )
    M68Kvec[ index ] = monitors_vector_table[ 32 ];

  M68Kvec[  2 ] = monitors_vector_table[  2 ];   /* bus error vector */
  M68Kvec[  4 ] = monitors_vector_table[  4 ];   /* breakpoints vector */
  M68Kvec[  9 ] = monitors_vector_table[  9 ];   /* trace vector */
  M68Kvec[ 47 ] = monitors_vector_table[ 47 ];   /* system call vector */

  m68k_set_vbr( &M68Kvec );

   *  You may wish to make the VME arbitration round-robin here, currently
   *  we leave it as it is.

  /* set the Interrupt Base Vectors */

  lcsr->vector_base = (VBR0 << 28) | (VBR1 << 24);


  Configuration.work_space_start = (void *) &_WorkspaceBase;

I have not found the reasons for CPU getting failed immediately. I feel
there is some hardware configuration problem or problem with RTEMS
BSP/Startup code. But not sure about exact problem and how to locate.

I need technical help from those who have already ported RTEMS on MVME162
VME CPU Board or similar board.

Kindly provide me technical information/help in following :

1. Whether there is any organisation/group/person who has loaded RTEMS on
MVME162-512A CPU board. They may please download my RTEMS 4.9.1 sample
Applications on there MVME162-512A CPU board.  I would send my sample

If there is some different MVME162 CPU board like MVME162-522, please
suggests me what kind of changes, if any, I have to make in my RTEMS
source code.

2. Whether there is any debugger which may be used with RTEMS/MinGW tools,
so that I may execute RTEMS application line by line.

3. What is starting point of code when RTEMS application run. Normally the
sequence is kernel Initialiazation, Borad initialization, BSP/Drivers
initialization and then passing the control to the application.

Kindly let me know starting point of RTEMS and then precise sequence of
code for  kernel Initialiazation, Borad initialization, BSP/Drivers
initialization and how control is being passed to application task(s)

Kindly reply me on akmedhavi at rrcat.gov.in and akmedhavi at rediffmail.com
I may send RTEMS sample applications for downloading MVME162-512A CPU board.

Kindly reply at the earliest.

Thanks and regards

PH. 91-731-2488054
Email : akmedhavi at rrcat.gov.in , akmedhavi at rediffmail.com

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