Unexpected trap(0 x4) ... fp disabled

Antoine Lacroix lacroix.antoine at free.fr
Wed Jun 23 20:41:17 UTC 2010

Hi Michael,
you should find some "objdump" tool in your compilation toolchain.

sparc-rtems-4.10-objdump --disassemble <your elf/exe filename> > output.asm
will generate the assembly file.


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We are using the Gaisler built version of RTEMS 4.10.  Specifically, 

I would like to post the disassembly around address 0x40006710, but my 
inexperience with low level assembly tools doesn't reach quite far enough. 
I've been able to single step using the eclipse debugger and thus become 
aware of some of the address, but I haven't found a way yet to disassemble 
the code at the addresses you request.  Do you have a suggestion on how to 
do this?  Thanks!

Michael T. Gardner
Sandia National Labs
mtgardn at sandia.gov

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