Thumb-2/ARMv7/Cortex-M support.

Christian Castellaro christian.castellaro at
Mon Jun 28 08:01:51 UTC 2010

Thanks a lot for your answer.

I must (if possible) complete the port for friday 9th of july 2010... I'm short I know ;-)

>From what I know cortex architecture is completely different than previous ARM cores. The current ARM port could be a good starting point to understand how to port RTEMS but quite everything will have to be rewritten.

For the moment I can't even compile RTEMS for a supported cpu (powerpc) and bsp (psim) :-(

I'll post this problem in a new entry

If I do some acceptable work I'll share my code and results.

have a nice day thanks
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We could work together on this, but I only have a small amount of time to dedicate to it at the moment.  I have a couple of different Cortex-M3 devel kits I can test on.

I am not quite sure where to start myself.  I was thinking the best place to start was the cpukit arm code in cpukit/score/cpu/arm and see what needs to be changed/modified for cortex-m3.


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> Hello Mike,

I need to make a port of RTEMS for a Cortex M3. But I don't 
> know how I can do this.

Do you have any advice on what source files to 
> modify?

Wouldn't it be more efficient if we joined efforts?

> you very much

christian castellaro

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