Axiom mcf5235BCC freezing

Seeberger, Thad [USA] seeberger_thad at
Wed Jun 30 23:59:19 UTC 2010

Do you mean hardware reset or reset DBUG command. If I hardware reset how do I know jump location to start.
I'd like to try this.

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I found that after downloading using tftp in dBUG you have to hit reset, then run the app. The SDRAM doesn't get cleared with the reset.

My testing was on a cmm5235 with 4.9.4.


On 2010-June-30, at 10:50 AM, Seeberger, Thad [USA] wrote:

> good day, I am new to RTEMS and learning, I built mcf5235 BSP with tests. Downloading with tftp. The Hello World test freezes as well as others. The ticker test gets to TA3 then freezes.
> Where should I go from here? I'm using rtems-4.9 tools on fedora 7 installed with yum. The rtems is rtems 4.9.2
> Any pointers appreciated.

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