From RTEMS to Linux :-(

Gedare Bloom gedare at
Tue Mar 23 17:47:34 UTC 2010

Linux programs are mainly stuck with the POSIX API to the kernel and
whatever you can find in libraries (libc, etc) -- which are usually
built on top of POSIX. Certain types of low-level operations, such as
allocating physically contiguous memory, is not (to my knowledge)
possible from within a user-land application and is not specified by
POSIX.  There are kernel interfaces that provide such operations for
kernel-mode code such as device drivers and kernel modules, but I
don't think there are any user API functions to access them.

I would suggest formulating a set of questions specific to what you
are trying to do, and then ask them on some appropriate Linux mailing
lists (e.g. and
linux-c-programming).  My guess is that most of the functionality you
need is available somewhere in some library, but the trick is how to
find it.  If you do need low-level functionality (i.e. hardware
dependent) then you will probably have to write a kernel device
driver.  There are also good resources online for how to do this, for


On Tue, Mar 23, 2010 at 1:32 PM, Leon Pollak <leonp at> wrote:
> Hello to all.
> Last 15 years I was programming explicitly in RTEMS and was (and is) very
> pleased with this and does not imagined myself in something else.
> And the problem is exactly in this.
> I need to write some application (actually rather close to those I wrote in
> RTEMS) under Linux.
> Although I read some Linux docs, it is difficult for me to find a compatible
> programming means, especially such as partition manager - I did not find
> nothing similar.
> Thanks a lot for the help.
> --
> Leon.
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