Qemu and RTEMS

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at OARcorp.com
Wed Mar 31 13:27:17 UTC 2010

On 03/30/2010 06:55 PM, Oyake, Amalaye (316D) wrote:
> Hello,
>      is there current information on the wiki on using RTEMS on QEMU (x86,
> PPC and ARM)? Particularly are network drivers for PPC and ARM available ...
I don't think the Wiki has an information on using these.  The
best information is the scripts in the cvs module gcc-testing.

The qemu-support directory in gcc-testing has instructions
and support files for pc386 and networking.  That is easy
to get working but has some details to get right.

FWIW AFAIK the qemuppc BSP is only usable with the
qemu from the couverture project.  They added a couple
of targets for tracing.  That does not include a NIC in the
BSP but might in qemu.

For the arm, the gumstix BSP works and although
I haven't personally used networking with it, I suspect
Xi Yang knows how to run it with networking.  Some
instructions are in the gcc-testing/qemu-support directory.

Also Till Straumann has a patch to add uC5282 support
and I believe that supports networking.
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