FAT Filesystem

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Wed May 5 11:36:36 UTC 2010

Block Device Buffer interface has an "rtems_bdbuf_syncdev" function that 
writes all modified buffer for a device and blocks until all transfers are 
complete, but you still have the problem raised by Leon. 

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> On Wednesday May 5 2010, Wolfram Wadepohl wrote:
>> To all specialists of the FAT filesystem and medis buffering:
>> A power off at the wrong time can cause the filsystem to a inconsistent
>> state. Is there a mechanism , like the UNIX sync command, to write 
>> buffers
>> to disk and transfer all buffering to a safe state.
>> How long does this take, esp. when using a CF/SD card.
>> Thx.
> To your last question.
> Please, note, that even when you receive the acknowledge from the CF
> controller about write operation success completion, actually it does not
> mean, that the data was actually written into the flash memories. This 
> only
> means that controller has accepted data and put it into its internal 
> memory.
> You need to keep the power ON for the controller to finish the 
> operation...:-)
> -- 
> Leon
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