FAT Filesystem

Cláudio Silva claudiodcsilva at hotmail.com
Wed May 5 13:34:41 UTC 2010

Flush Cache command is defined on ATAPI Standard V7 ( 
http://www.t10.org/t13/project/d1532v1r4a-ATA-ATAPI-7.pdf ) page 131.

Command description:
This command is used by the host to request the device to flush the write 
cache. If there is data in the write
cache, that data shall be written to the media. The BSY bit shall remain set 
to one until all data has been
successfully written or an error occurs.
NOTE ? This command may take longer than 30 s to complete.


From: "Leon Pollak" <leonp at plris.com>
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Subject: Re: FAT Filesystem

> On Wednesday May 5 2010, Cláudio Silva wrote:
>> No, this command is not implemented.
>> This command exists since ATA-4 standard, rtems has something like ATA-2
>> implemented.
>> My google summer of code project is rewriting the ATA driver, so this
>> command will be implemented in a near future.
> Can you be so kind to give a link to get acquainted with this?
> -- 
> Leon
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