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Fri May 7 03:49:56 UTC 2010

Hi Robert

I am interested in Bluetooth on RTEMS, and have an ARM9 SOC EVB(With USB
OTG) with BT USB dongle(with CSR chip) .
How can I collaborate with you ?


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On a new project using a Freescale ColdFire MCF5227x processor (CVS 
head), I will need to support a Bluetooth protocol stack.  I did a 
search of the mailing list archive, and got only one hit from 2000, so I 
am posting now.

Has anyone any experience with Bluetooth, ideally with RTEMS, though 
other platforms could be helpful?

I have heard rumors of lwBT out there from a few years back, but haven't 
been able to locate anything current.

Anyone interested in collaboration?

Thanks in advance for any insight/pointers!

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