Stuck in a 'for' loop in _Watchdog_Insert.

Nick Thomas nick.thomas at
Thu May 20 15:13:31 UTC 2010

> Nick,
> unfortunately you do not provide real information about the system you
> are using. So it is really difficult to help you :-(

Hi Thomas,

The system I am using is RTEMS 4.7.1. It's code in watchdoginsert.c,
watchdogadjust.c and watchdogtickle.c, these are all in cpukit/score/src.
So, they are not specific to any hardware.

There is already a comment in _Watchdog_Tickle in watchdogtickle.c which
says this:

   * For some reason, on rare occasions the_watchdog->delta_interval
   * of the head of the watchdog chain is 0.  Before this test was
   * added, on these occasions an event (which usually was supposed
   * to have a timeout of 1 tick would have a delta_interval of 0, which
   * would be decremented to 0xFFFFFFFF by the unprotected 
   * "the_watchdog->delta_interval--;" operation.
   * This would mean the event would not timeout, and also the chain would
   * be blocked, because a timeout with a very high number would be at the
   * head, rather than at the end.
   * The test "if (the_watchdog->delta_interval != 0)"
   * here prevents this from occuring. 
   * We were not able to categorically identify the situation that causes 
   * this, but proved it to be true empirically.  So this check causes 
   * correct behaviour in this circumstance.
   * The belief is that a race condition exists whereby an event at the head
   * of the chain is removed (by a pending ISR or higher priority task)
   * during the _ISR_Flash( level ); in _Watchdog_Insert, but the watchdog 
   * to be inserted has already had its delta_interval adjusted to 0, and 
   * so is added to the head of the chain with a delta_interval of 0.  
   * Steven Johnson - 12/2005 (gcc-3.2.3 -O3 on powerpc)

This describes pretty much the behavior I am seeing, i.e.
the_watchdog->delta_interval == 0.

However, contrary to the above comments - removing the _ISR_Flash( level )
call from _Watchdog_Insert doesn't fix the issue.

I understand why I am stuck in this 'for' loop when this happens, but I
don't understand why this code doesn't break out of it when we get to the
end of the linked list:

if ( delta_interval == 0 || !_Watchdog_Next( after ) )

i.e. why doesn't !_Watchdog_Next( after ) return NULL at the end of the

For some reason it points back to itself!!!!! So the for loop is still



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