ANN: rtems-4.11 binutils upgraded to binutils-2.20.90

Ralf Corsepius ralf.corsepius at
Wed Nov 10 05:38:45 UTC 2010


upstream FSF binutils is about to prepare a new major
release (binutils-2.21).

As an attempt to keep possibilities low binutils-2.21 will have 
unpleasant effects on RTEMS I have upgraded the rtems-4.11 binutils 
packages to the latest prerelease snapshot of what is supposed to become 
binutils-2.21 (binutils-2.20.90).

Please test this binutils extensively and report issues you encounter to 
upstream binutils ASAP. The binutils release process is in its very 
latestest stage and an official release is not unlikely to happen any 
day soon.

So, should you be wanting to have something added/fixed it's almost too 
late to do so ;)


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