pthread_barrier_wait() in RTEMS?

Oyake, Amalaye (3424) amalaye.oyake at
Tue Nov 16 23:23:55 UTC 2010


does RTEMS provide the pthread_barrier_wait() function? I am just asking ...
I am doing some VxWorks stuff, and I am looking for this function, but I
don¹t even think it is there ... I am writing some code that needs a barrier
pattern ... Hence I may have roll my own ...

At some future point I will likely need to revisit this in RTEMS ... And
that code will be needed there too ...

That said I am a bit perplexed by the Linux man page warning on this
function ~ ³Applications  using this function may be subject to priority
inversion as discussed in the Base Definitions  volume  of  IEEE Std
1003.1-2001, Section 3.285, Priority Inversion.² ... So I may need to
understand the nuances of this POSIX implementation ...

I guess this makes me wonder which of the new fangled pthread_ functions are
supported (pthread_spin_lock etc etc) ...

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