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I am not sure about your setup but in my BSP, I had set the console to 38400, a small portion of the startup came out at 38400, something happens in termios.  When debugging I saw that somewhere in termios the ioctl to change the baud rate is called and changed the baud to 9600, so depending upon when I looked it would be either 38400 or 9600.  To make things easy I changed my bsp to set the baud to 9600 since speed was not critical and I did not want to hunt around.

I would definitely try 9600, when in doubt I always pop a o'scope on it.

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 I searched for files and found
./c/src/lib/libbsp/bfin/bf537Stamp/include/bsp.h:59:#define CONSOLE_FORCE_BAUD   57600
It is defined at bsp.h so I decided that this is the default baud rate. However this baud rate does not work (ticker spits out messages every 5 secs in unknown language)
I also tried using other speeds like 11520 38400 and others.
It doesn't help either.
What can be the possible reason?
Also I read termios man and couldn't anderstand why it is useful for me.
Thank you.
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