Installing MinGW RTEMS Tools

Sam Lost slostuk at
Thu Oct 14 18:10:39 UTC 2010

I new to all this and I am having some problems installing the WIN32 RTEMS

I have been following the documents listed below however after two day
battling I am still stuck

I notice that the link posted for MSYS - M4 is invalid, I have googled for
it but without success.

When I run rtems4.10-tools-1.exe I receive the following error when
attempting to install rtems4.10-tools-1.exe

MinGW Not Installed. Please install MinGW from


 MinGW <>
MSYS - Base <>
MSYS - Developer Tool

Are all installed, I have reinstalled and rebooted a number of times still
no success
 MSYS - M4 <>

Is not install for the reasons detailed above. Can anyone point me toward
the MSYS - M4 update for WIN32:

How can I overcome this error when installing the RTEMS tools for WIN32


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