How to write into Flash Memory (JS28F640 J3D75)?

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Tue Oct 19 07:22:07 UTC 2010

Hi Detlef

For NOR flash devices, take a look at RTEMS' flash disk driver, which 
will implement a filesystem for you.

The RTEMS filesystem is described in

which provides an example application that includes a flash device.

The source provides some more notes;


On 18/10/10 21:15, Detlef Rudolph wrote:
> Hello list members,
> before I say anything else, you should know that I am a beginner
> with RTEMS and driver programming.
> I have a LEON3 CPU programmed in FPGA. So my RTEMS is a rtems-4.10-mingw
> "ready to use" descendant included in the GRTools from Gaisler Research.
> My question is how to write into a flash memory from my program
> during runtime, in this case a JS28F640 J3D75. Searching for an
> example, I don't find something appropriate, but many concepts,
> so I don't see yet the wood for the trees.
> What is the "easiest or best" way to implement R/W Access to Flash
> Memory?
>   - Direct Access? What i have to use from RTEMS?
>   - or use the Non-volatile Memory Driver? Seems to be only a Template
>     which i have to feed to get real access?
>   - what of using a File System?
>   - have to implement Wear Leveling and PowerFailure Handling myself?
>     Or exists "simple solutions" for these problems?
> Under what circumstances I have to recompile RTEMS?
> I am grateful for any suggestions.
> Many regards, Detlef
> PS: Source Examples would be fantastic. ;-)


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