M68K (mcpu=cpu32)issues with latest tool chain

Kirspel, Kevin kevin.kirspel at optimedical.com
Fri Apr 1 19:32:51 UTC 2011

I downloaded the latest tool chains (binutils-2.21, gcc-4.5.2, newlib-1.19.0) and compiled RTEMS successfully.  When running the application I get failures in most newlib string functions (strcmp, strncpy, etc.).  My previous tool chain running 4.9 is: binutils-2.18, gcc-4.3.2, newlib-1.18.0 (which has no problems).  There is not a lot of differences between newlib-1.18.0 and newlib-1.19.0 other than  references to intptr_t instead of long.    I replaced intptr_t with long to see if it made any difference and it does not.  I forced the code to take the non optimized path (the slow method) and everything works OK.  Does anyone know what might be causing the issue?

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