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I trying to use the new BD partition manager in RTEMS.   I am using a compact flash card in my system as the removable storage device.  I registered and mounted the compact flash card and I was able to see all of the directories and files.  I then unmounted and unregistered the partition.  I removed the compact flash from the system and added a directory using windows XP.   I then reinserted the card into the system.  After registering and mounting the partition, the new directory does not show up.  As a side experiment, I unmounted/unregistered the partition, removed the compact flash from the system, and re-mounted/registered the partition (without the compact flash present).  It successfully mounted.  I assume that the MBR sectors are being cached as part of the BDBUF manager.  When a partition is unregistered, should the BDBUF cache be cleared so that the next register forces a read from the disk itself?

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