Porting RTEMS to 386ex Board

Sundus Shabbir sunduss at gmail.com
Tue Apr 12 06:01:10 UTC 2011


I am working on a project in which I have been assigned a task to port RTEMS
to Tern based i386ex board.

As I have Windows XP installed on my machine, so I have to use Cygwin

I have followed the following steps

1. Installed Cygwin
2. Unzipped and installed autoconf and automake
3. Applied appropriate patches of binutils, gcc, newlib and gdb
4. Unzipped and installed binutils-2.10.1
5. Unzipped and installed gcc-4.4.5 with newlib-1.18.0, mpfr and mpc
6. Unzipped and installed gdb-7.1
7. Unzipped and installed RTEMS-4.10 (with target=i386-rtems4.10 and enable
8. Setup PATH and RTEMS_MAKEFILE_PATH variables
9. Compiled Hello World application that made hello.exe in /o-optimize/

All tools and RTEMS are installed in C:/cygwin/opt/RTEMS-4.10

 Can you please guide me what steps to follow next to execute hello world
test? And how to burn RTEMS and test it in i386ex board

Thank you for your time


S. A. Akhtar
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