How to setup a handler for sigaction() ?

Petr Benes benesp16 at
Tue Apr 26 13:13:29 UTC 2011

Hi all,

I want to ask if you happen to know how to set up a signal handler for 
long jumps in order to get a context previously saved by sigsetjmp.

a) I save context by sigsetjmp()
b) I register a handler
	struct sigaction sa_long_jump;
	sa_long_jump.sa_sigaction = __long_jump_handler;

c) My handler in Linux used to look like this:

	void __long_jump_handler(int s, siginfo_t *info, void *c) {
		...context = info->si_ptr; // this is not in rtems

    But how about RTEMS?


Petr Benes

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