Strange problem with newlib strstr function and rtems 4.10 on coldfire

Paul Whitfield paulw at
Mon Apr 18 08:16:22 UTC 2011

On 18/04/2011 2:53 PM, Ralf Corsepius wrote:
> On 04/18/2011 06:28 AM, Paul Whitfield wrote:
>> On 18/04/2011 10:51 AM, Paul Whitfield wrote:
>> I have checked the newlib CVS and the version of strstr.c and
>> str-two-way.h in RTEMS4-10 are update to date with the most current
>> version.
>> One last note: Recompiling the strstr.c / str-two-way.h code newlib code
>> on the PC the code works correctly with the optimised version.
> Are you trying to express you can reproduce your issue on PC?
> I just tried, but I can't reproduce it.
> Ralf

Sorry I was unclear. No I can NOT reproduce the problem on the PC.

I have done some more investigation ...

I did NOT build gcc / newlib from source.

I am using the pre-compiled version from
and it is behaving the same way as the code I am compiling here.

I did some searching and found a similar symptom to what I have
been seeing.

It seems to be the strstr code is breaking because it expects the value
of the macro SIZE_MAX to be the maximum value of a size_t variable
however it appears that using the standard RTEMS include files,
SIZE_MAX is actually 32.

If I follow the same includes as in strstr.c and str-two-way.h
then SIZE_MAX is 32.

ie. If I compile the following

#include <string.h>
#include <limits.h>
#include <stdint.h>

#if ( SIZE_MAX == 32 )
#error "SIZE MAX is 32"

With the rtems compiler (m68k-rtems4.10-gcc) I get
#error "SIZE MAX is 32" message.

If I "hack" the strstr.c/ str-two-way.h files, to force
SIZE_MAX to be UINT_MAX then the code works correctly.
My test case works.

Is something broken about how newlib has been built?


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