RTEMS evolution was .. Re: bits/wordsize.h

Chris Johns chrisj at rtems.org
Mon Apr 18 23:43:59 UTC 2011

On 19/04/11 2:18 AM, Joel Sherrill wrote:
> + Embedded Brains has a USB stack port and TCP/IP stack update
> that requires some more work to be merged. Beyond the obvious benefits
> of having a USB and updated TCP/IP stack, this will address a number of
> issues including IPV6. But this really needs some sponsorship to get
> merged cleanly.

Just to expand this item because it is important. The blocker with this 
code is the BSD bus space API. The USB and networking drivers use the 
bus space API to access devices. The port for the USB stack which is 
available as a patch in PR 1601 contains a version to allow it to run on 
a specific target. We need the bus space API implemented with in the 
score of RTEMS and an adaption layer to the specific BSD bus calls used. 
This is a complex and critical task because of performance and the 
various number of architectures we need to support with all the DMA and 
cache variations they have. The objective is to provide a framework that 
allows us an easy upgrade path in the future for these BSD components we 

Embedded Brains has done a large part of the task and the work is first 
class how-ever we need this merged to stop it rotting. If you have any 
interesting in seeing this happen please contact Joel.


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