Strange problem with newlib strstr function and rtems 4.10 on coldfire

Ralf Corsepius ralf.corsepius at
Fri Apr 22 03:34:35 UTC 2011

On 04/20/2011 03:52 PM, Joel Sherrill wrote:

 > When
> there is a change in a patch or tool revision, he very quickly responds
> and kicks off tool builds. I have no idea how long it takes
> for them to finish building but consider the multipliers:

Completion times vary to wide extends, because they depend upon various 
factors[1], such as

* number of targets cpus/architectures
* number of linux distros supported
* upstream repository reachability
* buildfarm network/machine load

That said, the current usual "rebuilt times" for Linux 
gcc+newlib-rtems4.10 packages is in the order of 18 hours+, that for 
Linux gcc+newlib-rtems4.11 in the order of 24 hours+.

Canadian-cross-built packages (MinGW, Cygwin) usually need to be built 
sequentially after Linux, i.e. they usually follow Linux with an 
additional delay of ca. 6-12hours.

Composing the linux repositories adds further to it [2].

Furthermore, there are steps, which require manual interaction and thus 
cause additional delays.

All in all, this results into rebuild times, which are in the order of 
"24-48" hours.

Of course, rebuild-times for binutils and gdb package are much smaller.


[1] Technical detail: These packages all are built in "mock"-chroots, 
i.e. similarly as Fedora/Red Hat builds their distros' packages.
[2] Noteworthy: Creating "ordinary repos" takes very few minutes, but 
delta-rpm creation can take several hours.

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