Ethernet PHY drivers

Chris Johns chrisj at
Wed Dec 7 03:26:36 UTC 2011

On 7/12/11 1:57 PM, John Teller wrote:
> I've been working lately with the MII stuff from NetBSD - basically it's
> what FreeBSD uses. It's not so complex that it couldn't be a reasonable
> port to RTEMS.

Excellent. Please post patches to rtems-devel or create a PR to handle 
the patches.

> There's some auto-detection stuff that may not be
> desirable and the hooks into the O/S are different. The nice thing about
> that design is that it can be left out entirely for smaller deployments.

This is a nice feature.

> For testing I can set up at least two Blackfin environments, one of
> which is the BF527 EZ-Kit, the other is a BF537 Stamp.

Great. I have a BF527 EZ-Kit on my desk and would like to have a play 
once we have patches in the repo.


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