invalid argument on sysconf (_SC_AIO*)

Alin Rus alin.codejunkie at
Fri Feb 11 02:20:50 UTC 2011


I'm trying to get the values of a few POSIX constants using sysconf ()
(_SC_AIO* ). It always returns -1 and sets the errno to 22 (invalid

/opt/rtems-4.11/i386-rtems4.11/include/sys$ grep AIO* unistd.h 
#define _SC_AIO_LISTIO_MAX               34
#define _SC_AIO_MAX                      35
#define _SC_AIO_PRIO_DELTA_MAX           36

/opt/rtems-4.11/i386-rtems4.11/include$ grep AIO* limits.h 
#define _POSIX_AIO_MAX          1
#define AIO_LISTIO_MAX          2
#define AIO_MAX                 1
#define AIO_PRIO_DELTA_MAX      0

Any thoughts on this?

Also, on a related subject, how would one redefine these values in RTEMS
without getting any compiler warnings? The values are way to low.
Would the following approach be acceptable? Or is there a better way to
achieve this?

-- file: confdefs.h --

#ifndef RTEMS_AIO_{...}
 #define RTEMS_AIO_{} AIO_{}


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