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Thu Feb 17 13:35:57 UTC 2011

On 02/17/2011 07:17 AM, Wendell Pereira da Silva wrote:
> Hi Padmakumar,
> The hello.exe generated after make is actually a image which contains 
> the RTEMS kernel and the application statically linked. So it won’t 
> work this way.
> Instead, you will need to boot it up. I suggest running it by using 
> QEMU. Follow this <> is a good 
> start.
And to follow up, the "rtems-testing" CVS module has scripts and helper
files for simulators.  See the directory qemu-support for a floppy image 
automatically boots a file from a virtual hard drive.  This plus the
script "pc386" in that module will help you.  Then...

pc386 -i XXX.exe

The -i is for interactive rather than the default which is to log output
to a file.

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> Wendell.
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> Hi ,
> I am quite new to RTEMS and trying to understand its working.
> I am using Virtual Box with Ubuntu 10.10 as host environment.
> Successfully installed 4.10 toolkit and  rtems-4.10 for target = i386 
> and BSP = pc686.
> Successfully build the Hello World application. it created the 
> hello.exe after make. But when i tryied to run the "exe", I am getting 
> the message KILLED.
> Did I miss anything or any idea about this problem?
> Thanks in Advance.

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