[Milkymist-devel] milkymist network driver bug

Sebastien Bourdeauducq sebastien at milkymist.org
Thu Feb 24 14:12:01 UTC 2011

On Thu, 2011-02-24 at 11:13 +0000, Yann Sionneau wrote:
> Feel free to merge these commits with the CVS, but it will not be a 
> straight forward merge since my github repository has a lot of commit 
> that your CVS doesn't have. We are out of sync.

Joel told me that the 4.11 release is not before a while. To reduce the
administrative overhead, and unless someone sees this as an
inconvenience, let's continue working on this BSP in the Git repository
for now and I'll submit one big patch before the 4.11 release.


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