How to get rtems-4.10 GDB working with BDM on Windows

Paul Whitfield paulw at
Thu Jan 20 05:41:39 UTC 2011

Hello All,

This is a quick email with the list of "extra" steps I needed to do
to get rtems 4.10 gdb working on Windows (MSYS / not using cygwin).

They consisted of 2 things to fix / add.

1) the m68k-rtems4.10-gdb requires expat and readline libraries
2) build and install bdm-tools so that I can using a Coldfire
BDM debug module.


Step 1: RTEMS 4.10 development Environment.

Downloaded all software as per the wiki.
All working nicely, successfully built rtems as multi-lib

Kudos to Chris and Ralf, it is now very easy to
get the up and running with a new version of the
development tools .

Step 2: Missing Expat and readline

expat: Downloaded the source, built in msys ( configure && make install)
readline: Downloaded the version from gnuwin32

That gets gdb to run.

Step 3:
Then go to

Download and built bdm based on m68k-bdm-1.4-pre4.
This also requires usblib. Downloaded that from

The configure step I used to build bdm stuff,
../m68k-bdm-1.4-pre/configure --target=m68k-elf --with-usb-dir 

The configure step only worked if the path to libusb was an
absolute path.

Then once everything was installed into my path

"It just works".

Best regards



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