Status of Networking Driver Milkymst One BSP

Cristian Paul Peñaranda Rojas paul at
Sun Jan 23 00:48:20 UTC 2011

Hi Fallenou and rtems user list !,

Can you tell us a bit more of the status/know issues/TODO about the
Networking Driver for the Milkymist One BPS?.

I had been doing/following some basic tests of the rtems network capabillities,
mainlly following some info [1].But  seems the wiki just point what really
works (tftpclient) because, so far i dint manage (lucky?) to stablish at least a
telnet/httpd TCP session :'(.

Surpriselly ICMP echo reply is ok, beside that s that the only trafic
i got from my M1 a running a telnet test is a Gratuitous ARP package 
broadcasting the mac and ip of the device, but if i try both telnet or netcat against
 a 23/80 tcp port i never pass from sending SYN and no reply from rtems IP.

Is this a problem related just with TCP part?, (i dint made UDP tests yet),
what can i do to help?, i just starting reading seriosly rtems docs,
today, but i really need serious support for TCP/IP comunication for my

Anyway, i'll keep you posted in case i found something else 


Cristian Paul

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