Trouble pulling in libm

John Wood jwood at
Fri Jan 14 05:17:36 UTC 2011

I assumed that and actually am pulling in several libraries successfully myself so I did not expect this issue.
I am trying to refine things in terms of my issues.  I noticed on closer inspection that the math.h file inclusion does not appear quite right since it says the round function definition is implicitly defined.  

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Because I was working with sockets and, at the time, trying to get a telnet daemon running.

It is superfluous to this issue, but it shows how to add multiple libraries, since you can never eat just one (cultural reference).


On 2011-January-13, at 9:52 PM, Ralf Corsepius wrote:

> On 01/14/2011 05:42 AM, Andrei Chichak wrote:
>> Check the commands that are being sent to gcc and the linker to make sure that the -lm is being passed through properly.
>> It took me a heck of a long time to figure out exactly where to put the linker commands so that they actually got used. Mine is in my and looks like:
>> init_LDADD = -lm -ltelnetd
> This longs for an explanation: Why do you need libtelnetd?
> Adding -ltelnetd to get a function from -lm doesn't make sense.
> Ralf

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